Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Interlude - Why a blog?

You may think 'interlude, but we just started, I don't need a break yet, give me more!' and you would be right.  This post comes now because I should have written it first, or put some of the contents in to the first post, but I was excited about getting some ideas down on paper to make a starting point for our learning journey in the potential use of GA that I couldn't hold back.  So I am writing it now as an aside to my ongoing work on GA.

So why write a blog?

I started writing this blog for a number of reasons, I know from past experience that the best way to get a good understanding of something new is to try to explain it to others.  Teaching is the best way to learn.  So that was a nice selfish reason.  My day job is a bit mundane at present, a lot of repetitive coding, so a more interesting distraction mentally is welcome.  And the reason why now, is that I joined John Somnez's blogging course to give myself the boot up the backside to do more.  He gives a load of reasons why writing a blog is a good idea, mostly based around self promotion, career progression and money.  All very important factors in the life of a software dev, and all have their place in my list of priorities, but above all else I love to learn and challenge myself.  I also recently started a non-software blog on my personal life (diagnosed with MS recently) and I am enjoying writing  that immensely, so a software based blog I thought would be a great idea to keep my mind fresh on interesting dev topics, and importantly dev topic I care about.

John's blogging course is a very useful education tool, very informative, easy to follow and eloquent in its encouragement for everyone to get blogging, go and give it a read, and if you start blogging let me know I love to read what others are doing (after all that how I got here by reading John's blog)

Next post will be back on topic