Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Quantum Fork

Quantum Fork?

What? you may ask.  Well, as I mentioned in the post yesterday the need to clearly and effectively communicate ideas, requirements and specifications  is vital to a successful software project delivery, and vital to the sanity of the developers by removing the pressure from managers to quantify what is clear to a dev but not others.  So this blog is taking a change, a fork you may say.  The investigation of techniques for solving complex maths problems will continue, but alongside that will be a discussion of methods to communicate between members of an interdisciplinary team (and with those outside the team) in a clear way, preferably without the need to 'translate' the information for each audience member. Quantum Fork as you can follow both paths simultaneously, think of yourself as a superposition of readers.

The decision to rename the blog and include posts on both subjects was made so that you will all reap the benefit of getting all the content I put out, and I will get the benefit of not losing you as readers due to a change or URL.

I look forward to posting my first communication themed musings over the next week.